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I enjoyed reading the book. It invites you to dream your own future. I especially like the idea of Urban Villages that makes the combination of holding on to our luxuries of today, while respecting the boundaries of our planet, suddenly seem feasible.

Lisa Van den Bossche

Supply Chain Consultant at La Dura Dura

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After hearing Jo's presentation and reading the book, I belong now to the excited group of people, based on an optimistic vision of a future that is already starting to happen today.

Marc Hendrickx

Vice President Business Development at Maxion Wheels

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I read the book in one weekend …tells you how passionated it was …excellent views on potential future transformational domains …most of it I do agree …only question: will there be enough capital resources to make it happen within suggested time frame. Anyway, is great book which we could discuss further.

Thomas Van De Velde

Senior Vice President BU Hydrocarbons & Energy and head of Digitalisation Programme at Borealis


Round is better, says Jo Caudron in his excellent book 'The World is Round'. You have to orient yourself broadly in order to be future-proof as a company. 
I have read the book with a lot of interest and pleasure! Really recommendable!

Elly Stroo Cloeck

Member of the jury, 2020

Pieter Vanhoutte_edited.jpg

I had the pleasure of winning a copy of your book on Transport & Logistics in Antwerp a couple of weeks ago. Luckily enough, I went on a short holiday the week after and boy oh boy is your book a good read. Very well written with a strong analysis concluding in even stronger baseline outtakes that are broadly applicable. 11/10!

Pieter Vanhoutte

Delivering digital transformation in the cloud at NetSuite

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I found the book very inspiring, food for thought, pleasant reading experience ! I greatly recommended it to several people already.

Cathy Habils

DPO Federatie Centra voor Basiseducatie


I very much liked the SUPERchange-model and the lesson learned to have attention for disruptions outside your sector/field of expertise (and understand its impact) - because changing forces come often from outside. Then reading your vision for 2030 I totally got inspired:). Thank you.

Dirk Halet

Strategic Coordinator at Vlakwa/VITO


Read and approved. I've especially remembered the importance of the need for new partnerships, reinstalment of local economy and depolarisation. Insightful but yet sometimes scary!

Stijn Loosveld

Business Development Manager at CCV BELGIUM NV/SA

Bruno Iserbyt_edited.jpg

I hate optimists. Everything will work out because us humans are at the top of the food chain and we're so smart. Trump speech if you ask me. Your book is - as far as I'm concerned - not an optimistic one. It's a realistic one. Loads of stuff is suboptimal, loads of systems need to be recalibrated and adapted to the needs of the 21st century. And we have the brainpower to do it and we can see little germs pop up in about every sector. But it's not inevitable: we'll need to work it. And your book provides a good manual to do so.

Bruno Iserbyt

Social Fundraising Coordinator @ CLT Gent & Frank Zappa fan

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Reading “The World is Round” was an absolute pleasure. The eye opener is not so much his vision of the future in 2030, but rather that it helps notice, in the present, all the elements that he puzzles together to envision his future. I hope that in 2030 we can look back and say: “Jo was right, it took some hurdles, but we are living in a greener, more social and more friendly world than we ever lived in”.  I couldn’t think of any better book to read at the end of the year.

Rik Coeckelbergs

Independent Advisor, Opinion Maker and Speaker


Critical and very inspiring view on a positive future where sustainable growth is balanced with mobility, climate and new housing concepts. A must read!

Alain Van der hoeven

Senior Sales Manager at RetailSonar