In april 2020, Jo's book was awarded this prestigious title by the Dutch jury.



For more than twenty years, industries have been changing under the impulse of digital disruption. Today, banks, retailers, the media, taxi companies and so many other organisations are experiencing the power of digitisation and the challenges it poses. 

All sectors are in their own storm, with digital disruptions forcing them to take up a new position. But what if that's just the beginning? What if it turns out to be insufficient to look a transformation, only from within their own industry? What if our society itself changes at its core, partly due to digitisation, but also due to major issues about the future of work, housing, mobility, climate, health, education, globalisation, population growth and even the challenges posed by living longer?
In this book,  Jo Caudron searches for the connections between each of these social transformations. He comes to the conclusion that together they form a Metastorm, an all-transcending series of interwoven perfect storms. This Metastorm will have an impact on every long-term decision we make.
The world is round is an optimistic plea to approach and tackle problems holistically. If we succeed in doing so, a future that is more than worthwhile awaits us.
Jo Caudron has been active as a digital entrepreneur and transformation strategist for years. He has several books to his name, all of which are a source of inspiration for individuals, companies and policy makers in these times of transformation.



Jo Caudron has been active as a digital entrepreneur for years, involved in over two dozen digital companies. Since 10 years he is a transformation strategist. With his innovation company Scopernia he helps organisations throughout Europe and the Middle East. Jo has several books to his name that all try to be a source of inspiration for individuals, companies and policy makers in these transformative times. He is also a much sought-after speaker.

Jo lives in the Flemish Ardennes, is happily married and has 2 growing children. They are the perfect lab for observing change, but they are also the great motivation to look for an optimistic view. 



You can buy the book in bookstores or through this site. The book is available in Dutch and English, both in print as in eBook.



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